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Prepare yourself for a new dimension in sound.
























Tomasz Rogula  szef projektu ZETA ZEROZETA ZERO NEWS...

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Long new review in ENGLISH here :


You may read about us in "FORBES"magazine   here.






Tomasz Rogula -Inventor, CEO, and

the mastermind behind the ZETA ZERO Project.



  Guitar virtuoso Hans Theessink  in ZETA ZERO room during the AUDIO SHOW






International Audio Shows finished. Our ZETA ZERO room was one of the most crowded. Here link to our exhibitions rooms during World Audio Show in Munich, Warsaw etc. You may find us also on the World ultimate hifi HIGERFI portal dedicated to the best audio staff.




Here photos from ZETA ZERO room during  AUDIO SHOW. The sound of ZETA ZERO is always like a magnet for listeners who love perfect sound.
























On Audio Show exhibition we have present Zeta Zero with luxurious audio staff: Accuphase C3800 preamp and SACD player Accuphase DP-700. and mono-blocks amplifiers M6000 Accuphase , also d'Agostino MOMENTUM Stereo amplifier and file player AURENDER W20 with DAC's dCS VIVALDI plus vinyl gramophone AVID Acutus SP SME IV +Cardas XLR , ZYX R1000 Airy 35 preamp Pulsare II

Introducing the Zeta Zero.


The "new world" of high-end home cinema & stereo loudspeakers and amplifiers.


Handmade. Limited. Exclusively for those with the highest demands in luxury.


Answer for a few questions:

Do you desire the ultimate world class audio solutions for your 21st century home cinema?

Do you long to feel the same powerful adrenalin pumping sound of a live concert in your own room ?

Do you need a sound shocking multichannel system, custom-made exclusively for you, especially adjusted to suit your home?

Do you want a system which is NOT ordinary, but extraordinary?


Then Zeta Zero is the system for you.






Our mission: To reproduce the sound of live music in your own room with a unique luxuriously designed speaker system that matches the quality your living space. The goal of ZETA ZERO is to combine ultra-high technology and seamless sound within the form of beauty. We achieve this goal of luxury, by creating individual orders for your home and rooms, providing you with one of the highest quality stereo/home theatre systems currently available with the parameters not available in the mass-produced market. Our simple principle - "Luxurious sound for the most demanding."



So...what is ZETA ZERO?





One of the very best high-end loudspeakers systems ever made in the opinion of many experienced audiophiles. Based on REAL ribbons (not magnetostats etc. at all ). Here opinions of listeners and users.
Unique cutting edge NEW powerful TRUE ribbon transducer ultra wide-band ultralight technology, extremely durable, with incredible sound parameters, and very advanced electronics, placed in beautiful 21st century new-age solid wood cabinets. Created for the exacting music lovers who want to transform their luxury living rooms into spectacular home theatres of wonderous sounds & visions, and sensations never known before.
The heart of ZETA ZERO are powerful real true ribbon transducers- the best sound reproduction concept ever invented. The construction and operation of a ribbon loudspeaker is always characterized by its unusual properties, but it is very difficult to build, especially if you want to exceed the parameters, including the power necessary for good home theatre. So we designed the ZETA ZERO ribbons system from scratch. We developed the idea of our ribbon transducer in a new and unfamiliar way, introducing innovative custom engineering and extreme refinement of the material properties. The results are surprising- the acoustic qualities of ZETA ZERO and exceptional sound -such as the unusually wide bandwidth and high power obtained at the same time - usually unavailable in competitive solutions (see parameters).

Due to high efficiency (up to 94 dB), ZETA ZERO speakers have so far worked very well with every other piece of equipment brought to us by purchasers - from the smallest tube and transistor amplifiers of different brands.

With a technical revolution such as ZETA ZERO speakers, even an ordinary small power amplifier can sound completely new! Many audiophiles have already been pleasantly surprised by this.


Are you looking for a perfect source of sound combining delicate beauty and perfection of tone so characteristic for high-end class ribbon loudspeakers, but also with enough power to create live concert, "house shaking sound" ? Two extremely contrasting acoustic-technical requirements. ZETA ZERO is probably the only home audio system which is able to combine the two. ZETA ZERO systems deliver perfect sound in both very low as well as very high levels. The results will astound you.
At night you may now listen to music very quietly with full spectrum frequency response and incredible stereo imagery. During the daytime, using the full power of ZETA ZERO, you can "shake your neighbours", without loosing any of the same crystalline clarity and quality. For these extreme needs we've designed one of the most powerful ribbon speakers ever made.


The final result of our proprietary cutting edge technology? ZETA ZERO can deliver the sensation of live concert performance, right in your own luxury room!












What's more -Besides our extraordinary transducer technology, we've nestled ZETA ZERO technology in the luxurious beauty of a unique, modern hand-made wood design. Like probably nothing ever seen before. We have laid great emphasis on the visual but also optimal sound shape. So if you're passionate about the ultimate top quality sound plus luxurious design, there's only solution for you.


ZETA ZERO is therefore a combination of ART & performance, custom cabinets hand-created from wood, combined with a large number of components for optimized sound. Simply take a look at the frequency response of ZETA ZERO -well above 50kHz (here you can see a fragment such as the freq. characteristics of actual measurements). And everything brought together with an almost unlimited power reaching up into kilowatts, and unprecedented dynamics unheard of in domestic audio systems. This symbiosis of features is usually absent in the typical high-end offers, whose common complaint is that they offer weak power , low efficiency and very high sensitivity to any overloading in return for good bandwidth. Due to the advanced materials and innovative solutions, ZETA ZERO are able to combine these contradictory features , and effectively remove these known limitations and disadvantages.


As a result, ZETA ZERO speakers performance is the answer for all those looking for something outstanding in the sea of mass-produced audio equipment. At least that is the overwhelming opinion of our customers - in their view- incomparable sound. We have dedicated our construction to music connoisseurs who appreciate luxury and a new dimension in perfect sound- those biased against the normal, often imperfect offers of others' audio sound, those ready to go that extra mile to hear good sound. Thus many years ago, with this in mind, we created an engineering research project - ZETA ZERO to overcome the contemporary sound barriers specific to the speakers currently on the market. In fact, according to some listeners ZETA ZERO is in effect the equivalent of a Formula 1 race car! A perfect harmony of beauty, design and technology.


ZETA ZERO in exclusive home cinema room made by 3Logic- Luxury Art Cinema - Warsaw Showroom







& ZETA ZERO at it...




Munich World HIGH END SHOW is closed. Our presentation was extremely successful. ZETA ZERO was acclaimed as on of the best sounds and loudspeakers on Munich Show by many well known international journalists and visitors. Some even said: "The best sound on Munich..." Here the link to many written opinions.


Here you have the link to some opinions and films on internet about ZETA ZERO, including reviews on the most famous HI-END Audio portals. Here the link to Munich AS photo gallery. Here in STEREO TIMES new review about ZETA ZERO from Munich show. We also invite you to the world leading audio portal HIGHERFI here link which is listing ZETA ZERO on the best world loudspeakers list. Also you may find sub page dedicated to ZETA ZERO on the web page of the most expensive and sophisticated amplifier in The World- famous "PIVETTA" here ink


During International High End Audio Show 2011, as well 2012, our showroom was packed with eager listeners every day until late into the night. Even two hours after the end of the show the room was still full! Many acclaimed the system as definitely the best of the show, if not one of the best in The World. (see the reviews from Audio show 2011, 2010 and 2009 and exhibition press comments ). Our systems are listed as one of 10 the best attractions of this European Audio Show.


ZETA ZERO on World HIGH END AUDIO SHOW Munich photos


World HIGH END AUDIO SHOW MUNICH media rapport-AVSShowrooms & Audio Show Warsaw

more photos from WORLD HIGH END AUDIO SHOW here









Before exploring our family of ZETA ZERO speakers, preamps and amplifiers we invite you to view some of the opinions that have been left by people in the media, as well as some well known music audiophiles. They already know the capabilities and sound quality of the ZETA ZERO system. The unbelievable sound and clarity of Zeta Zero works as a magnet for sensitive listeners. Our first time listeners find it difficult to tear themselves away. Here is a link to opinions.


Clement Perry- "STEREO TIMES" magazine


For us the opinions of our clients are paramount. All too often what the developers may make perfect in their work does not have to be received by those for whom it was created. Much more than our own subjective opinions, we listen and appreciate other peoples' opinions -the listeners of our equipment. We take these reviews as a primary source of objective truth about ZETA ZERO and a further inspiration. Therefore, we constantly strive to improve our designs and technology.


Concerning the speakers' sound, it is difficult to write too much, it would be difficult for a single website to present the scale of the engineering, scientific research, and laboratory work that has been made over many years of labour on the entire ZETA ZERO project. Best to visit us and hear the performance of ZETA ZERO personally. We strongly encourage those interested in entering into possession of these unusual solutions and have sufficient financial resources. No one has left disappointed. "It's worth getting to know the advantages of ZETA ZERO systems"- our customers say.


salon odsłuchowy audio Fusic






In addition to our line of ZETA ZERO speaker models we invite you to take a look at other our audio solutions recommended for ultimate sound systems -very unusual power-amps model1176 (1175Watt RMS at 4 Ohms) and 5.1 format HD3D multi-channel pre-amp (audio+video inputs) But remember that our electronics (amplifiers and pre-amps) are only a few of the many possible options on the market and it's not necessary for the operation of our speakers. ZETA ZERO loudspeakers work perfectly with any other amps!













ZETA ZERO loudspeakers designs incorporate some of the most sophisticated space-age materials and technologies available in the World. Components developed especially for aerospace and military industrial applications not usually found on other speakers. Here you may find more details.






Some of the spectacular effects of our work - extremely wide frequency response in the region of 80 kHz and over. Taking into the account the huge power of our drivers, extraordinary. For more details about this fantastic performance you will find here at this link


Finally ZETA ZEROs are not cheap, we realize that, but the technologies we use, materials (and time of labour) are not cheap, nor common - usually just the opposite - they aren't even available to other designers. Some of our solutions utilize our utilize completely novel materials that have been developed in the laboratory specifically for us - see views of the research and work- here: link.


We do not intend to create solutions for a general audience. This is not our goal. There are many others doing this already- some good companies. There are many simple mass-produced and cheaper technologies available. But if you 're visiting this site are you really looking for the cheapest solution? We don't think so.

Traditional market presence in typical electronics stores are standard, mass-produced , widely available and common. And thus, with reduced "consumer" components , and often identical technologies only marketed under different brand-names (e.g. mass-produced midrange speakers and tweeters) they are simply not good enough, and do not satisfy one's extreme technical requirements and expectations of the music sound quality. They're too imperfect and too limited in their performance . We and our reach customers want and need something completely unique and elite in every way, as an auto mobile enthusiast's dream of a formula F1 car.










Zeta Zero was awarded the "GOLDEN RECOMMENDATION for 2011 year" for the best sound and design by StereoMagazyn.pl

ZETA ZERO is present often in magazines- (covers below), on many portals- link here is also present in TV, here in popular in TV criminal series : "MALANOWSKI & PARTERS" - episode493 from 3:30 minute. in SPA TV and many more programs























In Zeta Zero there is no place for compromise!

We aim to make the dreams of the most demanding music lovers and enthusiasts come true.


All designs shown here on this web site are the sole property of TR STUDIOS

We would be very pleased to welcome distributors from other countries for our luxury products. All questions about the production, distribution and detailed information about the ZETA ZERO products, please send to: trstudio@trstudio.com



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